Hart Dynamics D-TRIG Systems are a completely new concept that are so revolutionary, we have devoted an entire website to them. Hart Dynamics continues to lead the industry with cutting edge innovations that raise the bar for Electronic Percussion Technology. Our passion and commitment to excellence in quality, performance, and service remains the same today as when we only built custom high-end systems and trigger devices for the Premiere Artists on the planet. Without further ado ladies and gentleman, let us introduce you to the future!

You want to add additional trigger devices to your current electronic drum set but you don't have any inputs left on your drum module?
• You want to add additional sounds to your drum module?
• You want higher quality sounds for professional recording?
• You could use your drum module as a recording studio?
• You could use this system to replace recorded drums with the samples of your choice?
• Your system was fully modular and upgradable?
• You could choose any of these features to suit your specific needs and budget?

NOW YOU CAN! D-TRIG is here!!!

D-TRIG consists of :

1. D-TRIG Software
The software is available in 3 versions, Lite8, Pro16, and Pro24. The software is installed on your computer and is the "trigger interface". All versions will function with your existing ASIO compliant sound card(s), so if you just want to add fills or lay down MIDI drum tracks, you can use your existing DAW computer system audio inputs as drum trigger inputs! Virtually any trigger pad will work!

2. D-TRIG DATI (Digital Audio Trigger Interface) Hardware
The 1U High-Definition Audio/Drum Trigger Computer Interface rack mount chassis can be mounted on your drum set hardware rack system or in an audio rack. The chassis connects to 1, 2, or 3 PCI interface card(s) in your CPU. The D-TRIG DATI allows you to use your computer as the most powerful drum module to date and as a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)!.

These systems include everything you need to use your Desktop or Rackmount PC as the most advanced trigger interface to date.

4. SOUNDS Sounds
D-TRIG is a VST Host application that will allow you to use any VSTi "plug in" to trigger sampled sounds, audio files, loops, sequences, or anything you can imagine. Use your own library with the sampler of your choice or utilize existing VSTi's such as Toontrack's DFH, DFH Superior, EZ-Drummer, FXpansion's BFD, etc..

5. COMPUTER (CPU) Comptuter Systems
Computer Systems optimized for D-TRIG and DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) use.